01. I've [gained] a lot of weight over the last year because I haven't been doing much exercise.
02. He was eventually able to find [gainful] employment after working almost the entire year in a crappy little minimum-wage job.
03. Today, on the occasion of the marriage of our oldest child, we are happy in knowing that we have not lost a daughter; we have [gained] a son-in-law.
04. You can [gain] a lot of important experience by doing volunteer work.
05. Sony is expected to [gain] millions through the merger.
06. You have nothing to [gain] by being so mean to your sister, so stop it.
07. Brent has [gained] almost 4 inches since the last time I measured him.
08. There is a traditional proverb which states that all the wisdom you [gain], you will pay for in pain.
09. There is a Scottish proverb which states that a penny saved is a penny [gained].
10. Moderate consumption of alcohol does not appear to contribute to weight [gain].
11. A recent study shows that approximately 92 percent of Americans prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate, but dark chocolate is [gaining] in popularity.
12. Forty percent of American adults said they expect to [gain] weight during the winter holiday season.
13. Beginning in 1993, the Queen of England agreed to pay taxes on income and capital [gains].
14. Studies show that when premature babies receive a daily massage routine, they [gain] an average 47 percent more weight.
15. Studies show that boys [gain] status within their peer group for behavior adults regard as troublesome.
16. Evidence has been found which suggests that many people [gain] and lose weight in accordance with the cycles of the moon.
17. Buddhists believe that unless a person [gains] enlightenment, he or she will be reborn after death.
18. Mexico [gained] independence from Spain in 1821.
19. Reggae star Bob Marley sang, "Don't [gain] the world, and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold."
20. Sathya Sai Baba once noted that every experience is a lesson, and every loss is a [gain].
21. Baseball player Satchel Paige once remarked, "Don't look back. Something might be [gaining] on you."
22. A Finnish proverb notes that what is [gained] in war is eaten in war.
23. Felix Mendelssohn's two greatest symphonies served to preserve impressions he [gained] of the landscapes and sounds he encountered during his travels in Italy and the British Isles.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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